New Customer 1st Visit
(Off Season) Any Size Dog 10% Off
(Req Season) Requires a $25 Non Refundable Deposit
Regular Season Rates: 
Memorial Day through Labor Day & Major Holiday Weeks
Small: $43  Medium: $44  Large: $45  X-Large: $46
"Multiple dogs in one run %10 off"
(No other discounts apply) 
Off Season Rates:
Small: $39  Medium: $40  Large: $41  X-Large: $42
"Multiple dogs in one run %10 off"
(No other discounts apply)
Daycare By Appointment Only
Monday - Saturday 9 - 5 / Sunday Unavailable
Drop off and pick up times for regular and off-season apply
Drop Off Day
Regular Season - 9-11 / 3-5 - Full Day Charge
Off Season - 9-10 / 4-5 - Full Day Charge
Pick Up Day
Regular Season - 9-11 No Charge / 3-5 - Full Day Charge
Off Season - 9-10 No Charge / 4-5 - Full Day Charge
Dogs being groomed during their stay add a 1/2 day charge
Boarding Dogs being Groomed during their stay
* Grooming Fee and 1/2 day boarding charge will apply regardless whether you pick up in the a.m. or p.m.
* If we cannot accommodate grooming on your pick up day a date before that may be available.
* We will call you when your dog is ready, please do not call or stop by as it only takes longer when we have to stop many times a day to answer calls and attend to the front desk.
CASH or CHECK ONLY(No Debit or Credit Cards)
* CC# is required for Vet Emergency Only *
* Visa, Master Card or Discover
13 Day Stay or longer requires a 1/2 down deposit
* No Out of State Checks or Travelers Checks Accepted
Play time & Tummy rubs with our nannies
Fluffy Bed Pillow
Orthopedic Bed
Raised Food Bowls
Non-slip kennel decking
Our can food for special needs dogs only
Medical and Issue charts - Our Medications - Vet visits
Dogs with special needs, has issues or are difficult

We charge by Height and Weight Examples:

Small - Yorkie/Shihtzu - 1-25 lbs. Medium - Beagle/Cocker Spaniel, 26-45 lbs.

Large - Lab/Golden Retreiver 46-95 lbs., X-Large - Great Dane/St. Bernard 96 lbs. & Up

* Prices are subject to change.